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Orbit Commercial

June 9, 2012

About my Project:

In this project, we had to create a 30 second commercial on a product. We got in groups to be able to create this project. Our group decided to create the commercial about the gum Orbit. There were three actors and three people behind the camera. We had to incorperate different angles to our commercial. Two characters enter the scene and walk toward a guy and they decide to play “truth or dare.” One person is dared to eat a nasty, disgusting  treat, so to clean up the nasty taste, he shal use the Orbit gum.

My artifact:

My reflection:

I enjoyed working in this project. It was difficult to make the commercial exactly 30 seconds. I also had difficulty with working with the program Premiere for the first time. After a while I got the hang of it. Even though I created a 31 second commercial, it ended up being 37 seconds when I published it. I made a big mistake of not saving my work every once in a while, so when my computer froze, everything got deleted and had to work on it again. I learned my lesson and I will always save my work when I make big changes to my work.

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