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Wildcat Claymation

November 29, 2011

About the project: The claymation may be just a minute, but it took a very long process to complete it. We were put in group of 4 people. Out task was to create a claymation to convince someone to come to our High School. The fist step was to complete a packet with our group to create the claymation. In that packet, we had to write a synopsis, which was like a summary of the idea we had in vision. We had to draw how our character(s) we going to look like, as well as our scene. The fun part came afterwards. We had to create all our characters and objects with clay. We had to add great detail and make them 3-dimensional. We used a cardboard box to create our scene. We had to make our clay figures come to like in a movie. We had to move our character, which was a wildcat, very frequently and take a picture each time we moved it. We took more than 400 pictures, and had to make sure every picture came out perfect. What I mean perfect, is that we had to make sure that the box edges or fingers were being shown. After we had all our picture shots, we had to use Photoshop and Adobe Bridge to edit them. We had many pictures that had to be edit, since we used wires to balance our character. The editing process was very long and tedious. At the end, we had to add our edited pictures to iMovie where we had to make our final claymation product. All we had to do in iMovie was  to add music, title, and credits.

What my group came up with was about a wildcat, which is our mascot to run the marathon. The obsticles that come toward him, shows how he has achieved many things at Sun Valley High School. At the end he is given a cap and diploma. The obsticles were academic, athletic, and artistic. The wildcat than juggle with all these obsticles at the same time, as well as doing the marathon. The academic stuggle was when he was given a test, he achieved it by getting an A+.  A Soccer ball is rolled toward him, and he scores a goal, and then a paper is given to him, and draws a beautiful flower. etting though the entire race and not giving up shows determination to graduate.

My artifacts:

My reflection:Overall I really enjoyed this project. It was the first time ever I had made a clay animation. It my had been a long process, but it was worth it at the end. What I didnt enjoy much was that my group would want to cooperate with moving the character in different positions so I can take the pictures. I also didnt enjoy the very long time we had to use to edit every single picture. The fun part of this project was creating the character and objects with clay. It was a nice relief at the end when I saw the claymation movie.

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