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Elements and Principles

September 26, 2011

About the Project:

In this project, we had to pair up with a partner. We were given the definitions of elements and principles of art. Our task afterwards was to capture images in our school that represented each word. With our partner we had to make a plan of what we were going to take a pictures of once we went outside. We had to capture: a line, shape, color, texture, pattern, space, contrast, emphasis, balance, unity, rhythm, and movement. When we went outside, we walked around the school, wondering what represented one of the word. The next day, we uploaded the pictures to the computer. We used the program iMovie in our computer to create a movie with all our pictures. We were required to have a beginning and ending slide. In each picture we had to write what element or principle of art it represented, and why. We then had to add music to it. At the end, we had to add transitions to the movie, to make it more interesting.

My Artifacts:

Elements and Principles from Jessica Manzano on Vimeo.

My Reflection: I really enjoyed this project. I like to use technology, so that is probably why I enjoyed using the computer applications to demonstrate what we learned. I already knew how to use iMovie, since I was in middle school, but it was nice to refresh my memory on how to use it. What I didn’t know what to do was to add music to my movie, but i learned how to which was nice, because now I know how to do it. I learned what the definitions were of many elements and principles of art. I liked how instead of just learning new words, we then created a movie with transitions and music, using technology. It was a nice creative way how to learn the words . I liked going outside our classroom and thinking what I should capture with my camera so I can add it in my movie.

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