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A Dicey Question

About the project:

This was my Final.


The Dicey Question


Reflection: I learned how to use Premiere.


About the project:

We had to create a PSA on a subject. Our subject was about illiterate people around the world

my PSA


I learned how to create a 30 second PSA.

Orbit Commercial

About my Project:

In this project, we had to create a 30 second commercial on a product. We got in groups to be able to create this project. Our group decided to create the commercial about the gum Orbit. There were three actors and three people behind the camera. We had to incorperate different angles to our commercial. Two characters enter the scene and walk toward a guy and they decide to play “truth or dare.” One person is dared to eat a nasty, disgusting  treat, so to clean up the nasty taste, he shal use the Orbit gum.

My artifact:

My reflection:

I enjoyed working in this project. It was difficult to make the commercial exactly 30 seconds. I also had difficulty with working with the program Premiere for the first time. After a while I got the hang of it. Even though I created a 31 second commercial, it ended up being 37 seconds when I published it. I made a big mistake of not saving my work every once in a while, so when my computer froze, everything got deleted and had to work on it again. I learned my lesson and I will always save my work when I make big changes to my work.

Different Type of Camera Angles and Shots

My Artifact:

About the Project:

Before we actually did the project, we learned different types of camera angle pictures. To really understand the angles, we had to take pictures of two classmates using theangles we learned how to do. We then had to upload the pictures and make a presentational video.


In this project, I learned that there are many angless  that you can take pictures of or capture. You dont exactly have to stich to just recording i one single angle, but have a variety to capture interesting pictures and films. I also learned that making a picture interesting, one should not capture someone or something in the middle.

“Your Tardy” Documentary

About the project:

In this project, we had to do a documentary. Before we started we watched many different documentaries and observed each one so that we can associate that into our own project. My group decided to create our documentary about students being tardy.  We interviewed both students and adults to hear what they had to say about tardy students. We used the program iMovie  to create and put together our film.

The artifact:

My Documentary

My Reflection:

In this project, I realized there is a shocking large amount of students who are tardy everyday. There should be a stop to this inanity. Students should be well aware that being tardy affects them more than what they think.

Tardy Documentary


artifact: my video



Wildcat Claymation

About the project: The claymation may be just a minute, but it took a very long process to complete it. We were put in group of 4 people. Out task was to create a claymation to convince someone to come to our High School. The fist step was to complete a packet with our group to create the claymation. In that packet, we had to write a synopsis, which was like a summary of the idea we had in vision. We had to draw how our character(s) we going to look like, as well as our scene. The fun part came afterwards. We had to create all our characters and objects with clay. We had to add great detail and make them 3-dimensional. We used a cardboard box to create our scene. We had to make our clay figures come to like in a movie. We had to move our character, which was a wildcat, very frequently and take a picture each time we moved it. We took more than 400 pictures, and had to make sure every picture came out perfect. What I mean perfect, is that we had to make sure that the box edges or fingers were being shown. After we had all our picture shots, we had to use Photoshop and Adobe Bridge to edit them. We had many pictures that had to be edit, since we used wires to balance our character. The editing process was very long and tedious. At the end, we had to add our edited pictures to iMovie where we had to make our final claymation product. All we had to do in iMovie was  to add music, title, and credits.

What my group came up with was about a wildcat, which is our mascot to run the marathon. The obsticles that come toward him, shows how he has achieved many things at Sun Valley High School. At the end he is given a cap and diploma. The obsticles were academic, athletic, and artistic. The wildcat than juggle with all these obsticles at the same time, as well as doing the marathon. The academic stuggle was when he was given a test, he achieved it by getting an A+.  A Soccer ball is rolled toward him, and he scores a goal, and then a paper is given to him, and draws a beautiful flower. etting though the entire race and not giving up shows determination to graduate.

My artifacts:

My reflection:Overall I really enjoyed this project. It was the first time ever I had made a clay animation. It my had been a long process, but it was worth it at the end. What I didnt enjoy much was that my group would want to cooperate with moving the character in different positions so I can take the pictures. I also didnt enjoy the very long time we had to use to edit every single picture. The fun part of this project was creating the character and objects with clay. It was a nice relief at the end when I saw the claymation movie.

Elements and Principles

About the Project:

In this project, we had to pair up with a partner. We were given the definitions of elements and principles of art. Our task afterwards was to capture images in our school that represented each word. With our partner we had to make a plan of what we were going to take a pictures of once we went outside. We had to capture: a line, shape, color, texture, pattern, space, contrast, emphasis, balance, unity, rhythm, and movement. When we went outside, we walked around the school, wondering what represented one of the word. The next day, we uploaded the pictures to the computer. We used the program iMovie in our computer to create a movie with all our pictures. We were required to have a beginning and ending slide. In each picture we had to write what element or principle of art it represented, and why. We then had to add music to it. At the end, we had to add transitions to the movie, to make it more interesting.

My Artifacts:

Elements and Principles from Jessica Manzano on Vimeo.

My Reflection: I really enjoyed this project. I like to use technology, so that is probably why I enjoyed using the computer applications to demonstrate what we learned. I already knew how to use iMovie, since I was in middle school, but it was nice to refresh my memory on how to use it. What I didn’t know what to do was to add music to my movie, but i learned how to which was nice, because now I know how to do it. I learned what the definitions were of many elements and principles of art. I liked how instead of just learning new words, we then created a movie with transitions and music, using technology. It was a nice creative way how to learn the words . I liked going outside our classroom and thinking what I should capture with my camera so I can add it in my movie.

Welcome to Jessica’s Online Portfolio

Hello world!  Welcome to my online portfolio.  I have many exciting things to share from reflections to films.  If you have questions regarding projects, please email me at Thanks and enjoy!